Are your backup tapes stored in a drawer next to your computer? 
If your business is like 80% of small businesses, you know you need to do backups, but you may not doing your backups properly. Many people put their business at risk by storing backup tapes where they can be destroyed by a disaster right along with their computers.  RBackup can save your business by automatically storing the data you depend on securely and safely offsite every day. With RBackup your data (and your business) can survive a disaster, even if your building and computers cannot.  RBackup is insurance for your data. Start protecting your business today.
Advanced Protection for Business Data
Starting at only $89/month RBackup Business Edition has the features you look for in a powerful, proven backup solution for your business PCs and Servers.
  • Open Files + DR
  • Exchange
  • SQL Server
  • Active Directory
  • System State
  • Sharepoint
  • File Versioning
RBackup Business Edition is the most mature, feature-filled Online Backup product on the market. It is in use in more than 68 countries, backing up more than 1.5 million PCs daily.
RBackup stores your data fully encrypted and protected in two mirrored data centers. Only you can access your data using your own encryption key.
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